Management – Consulting – Events

We are a company that is all about celebrating creativity and keeping our hearts and minds on the ‘Roots of Music’. Our mission is to promote and provide deserved recognition to the finest artists out there and deliver them straight to you.

The above is achieved through a number of services we offer from full-time artist management and booking services, through to one-off consultations with artist/acts who are after that bit of direction or guidance in their careers. In addition to these services we also work hand in hand with acts in the setting up and organising of events, to make sure all marketing and set up of the night itself are completed successfully and hassle free.




Company Overview

We will have household names gracing the stage as well as providing a platform for the best up and coming acts to have their own chance to shine!

With a broad scope of artists and all genres being represented we will be providing something for everyone. For anyone looking to let loose and listen to some great music, Roots of Music will be putting together a list of ‘not to be missed’ gigs.

So whether you are a musician or purely a lover of music we invite you to get involved and be a part of the excitement.